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Ohio exoneree Raymond Towler narrates a new, must-watch video, “Tyrone Noling: A Case of Innocence.”

In 1992, the prosecution was under intense pressure to solve a double murder in a rural county that had gone unsolved for two years. Without any physical evidence, the prosecutor enlisted an investigator who, according to court records, used coercive interrogation tactics until the three young men cooperated. The investigator went so far as to send one boy to a psychiatrist to “recall” his “repressed” memories of the murders. This boy was only 16 years-old when interrogated by the investigator. One of the other young men had intellectual deficits. Experts have found that the boys’ statements “should be classified as unreliable.” All three boys have recanted since trial. Here are their affidavits: (1), (2), (3).

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