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Longtime readers of the Open File are familiar with the Jermaine Wright case. We wrote about it here and here. Mr. Wright spent 21 years on Delaware’s death row based almost solely* on a discredited confession the police obtained through a 13-hour session with Mr. Wright, who was 18 years old, high on heroin, and had verbal comprehension deficits at the time. The confession he gave was demonstrably false, getting many of the crime facts wrong. However, there have been multiple twists and turns in the case, and the Delaware Supreme Court, which once overturned his conviction and sentence due to Brady violations ruled on January 11th that his false confession will be allowed back in, opening the way for possible retrial. Today, according to news reports, Jermaine Wright, who is likely innocent of the crime he already served decades for, turned himself back in for re-incareration awaiting a new trial.


*To be specific, the state had the “confession” and the testimony of a jailhouse informant witness, who later admitted he expected leniency in exchange for his testimony.

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