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Louisiana exoneree Glenn Ford was profiled on “60 Minutes” this week. Link here. Mr. Ford served nearly 30 years in solitary confinement on death row before being exonerated of murder and released in March of this year. He passed away in July, in litigation against Louisiana for compensation, which the state denied him.

Mr. Ford was the subject of an extraordinary apology in the Shreveport Times from the man who prosecuted him, Marty Stroud. He was also the subject of racially charged and very pro-death penalty comments from interim Caddo Parish DA Dale Cox, who was profiled in a scathing New Yorker piece and in the New York Times.

Since the New Yorker and New York Times pieces ran, DA Cox has set up a committee within the DA’s office to determine whether to pursue capital charges. So far, the committee has considered three cases and decided not to pursue the death penalty in any of them. This is notable because Caddo parish was previously known as a capital punishment leader in the state, responsible for 8 of the 12  death sentences handed down in Louisiana in the last 5 years.

The “60 Minutes” piece airs at an important time in Caddo parish, as citizens will elect a new District Attorney on October 24th.

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