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The Department of Justice has released a report on its internal investigation into the online commenting scandal which resulted in U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s resignation and the overturning of convictions against five New Orleans police officers in the Danziger Bridge case.

Nola.com reports:

A scathing, 157-page report — completed in 2013 but released this week by the Justice Department in response to a public records request — outlines the lengthy investigation into vitriolic online comments made by federal prosecutors.

The commenting beneath stories on NOLA.com violated DOJ policy and state rules for attorneys, the report found, and it would unravel at least two major federal prosecutions and lead Letten — at the time, the longest-serving U.S. Attorney in the nation — to resign, along with his two top deputies, Sal Perricone and Jan Maselli Mann.

The report, available in full here, reveals that other staff in Letten’s office suspected Perricone may have been making some of the anonymous comments, but didn’t feel comfortable to come forward.

The order overturning the Danziger Bridge convictions is being appealed to the federal Fifth Circuit.

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