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According to an August 4 article by Yazhou Sun for Good Morning America, David McEachran, a 10-term district attorney out of Bellingham, Washington State, will face off with a pet dog for Whatcom County prosecutor in the next election.

The dog’s owner, Frank James, thinks it’s time that someone ran against McEachran to ensure accountability in the county’s top prosecutor position.

“It’s for fun, but also to make a point,” James said. “Our current prosecuting attorney has had no opposition in the past 10 terms. It’s time for other people to think about running.”

James believes that if no one ever runs against the current politician, important questions will never get talked about. To James, the strongest way to hold public officials accountable is for people to run against them.

“I was trying to get people to vote and get involved in politics, because young people nowadays are not very interested in it,” James said.

McEachran, who is running for his 11th term in office, is apparently meeting the political stunt with good humor: “I’ll need to dig down and take a look at it… I may need to court the dog vote.” The Whatcom County auditor, on the other hand, appears frustrated: “Dealing with a ‘frivolous’ candidate would slow down the election process and cost us extra money…We are not going to count the actual votes for the dog, because it’s not a viable candidate.”

But isn’t that the point?

James says he hopes an idealistic young lawyer will run for district attorney one day soon, even though the job doesn’t pay well. In the meantime, there will be a 9-month-old Tibetan terrier on the November ballot.


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