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A terrific development out of Texas this morning reveals that the State Bar has found just cause to pursue disciplinary action against the man who prosecuted death row exoneree Anthony Graves, former Burleson County District Attorney Charles J. Sebesta, Jr.

In a press release obtained by The Open File, the Texas Defender Service reports that Graves face two execution dates during his time on death row for a murder he didn’t commit.

“He filed his grievance against Mr. Sebesta on January 20, 2014. During the State Bar’s initial investigation, Mr. Graves also submitted an affidavit detailing how Sebesta’s unethical prosecutorial misconduct forever changed Graves’s life and the lives of those around him. A copy of that affidavit is provided with this announcement.”

Since Sebesta has elected to have his case heard by an administrative judge, the proceedings will remain confidential until there is a final determination made and sanctions imposed, which could include disbarment.

We will update this post with news articles as the media covers the story.

See our previous post about the State Bar’s decision to investigate the case here.

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