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Another man wrongfully sent to prison for life by District Attorney Harry Connick, Sr. in New Orleans will be released from prison. Orleans Parish prosecutors Ron Bodenheimer and Harold Gilbert, Jr. committed “intentional prosecutorial misconduct” and made “materially false” responses to discovery requests in the case of Reginald Adams, who was convicted of the October 1979 murder of Cathy Ulfers. The prosecutors worked alongside detectives who misrepresented the evidence and alternate suspects in the case and railroaded Adams into falsely confessing to the murder.

A press conference is scheduled for 11:30a.m. CST where it is expected that District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro and The New Orleans Innocence Project will jointly announce the release of Mr. Adams from jail.

Ron Bodenheimer, who was elected judge in the 24th Judicial District in Jefferson Parish, later plead guilty to corruption at the Jefferson Parish Courthouse and was sentenced to just under 4 years in prison.

Read about Adams’ exoneration here.

Read about the history of prosecutorial misconduct in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office on our Places of Interest page.


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