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The president of the South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has asked the Attorney General of South Carolina to investigate the office of Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson for prosecutorial misconduct. In the letter, posted here by Fitnews, the president tells Attorney General Alan Wilson that SCACDL believes that “the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s office has evinced a custom and practice of questionable conduct in prosecuting cases,” citing a number of cases alleging that Wilson made improper comments to media and improper charging decisions.

Wilson first came under fire in September last year when South Carolina Supreme Court Justice Donald Beatty railed against an audience of prosecutors at the 2013 Solicitor’s Conference for “getting away with too much for too long”. Beatty singled out Wilson’s office by name, saying two assistant solicitors there had recently been suspended and another case was coming down the line.

Wilson  pushed back on Beatty in a letter to the Attorney General saying that his assertions about suspended solicitors in her office were untrue and improper, and asked for the AG to recuse Beatty from hearing her office’s cases.

Wilson has also fought back in the current instance, responding to SCACDL’s letter to the Attorney General with a letter of her own in which she asserts that the complainants are merely a “small group of criminal defense attorneys, almost all of whom do not practice law in [the ninth] circuit,” and that “there is more to each case than what these defense lawyers have presented.”

A spokesman for the Attorney General told The Post and Courier that the matter was “under review.”


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