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Andy Thibault wrote a compelling opinion editorial a few weeks back for Register Citizen about the pervasiveness of prosecutorial misconduct in Connecticut and the reluctance of state bodies or judges to do anything about it.

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Thibault focuses on the case of Bonnie Foreshaw who was recently granted clemency after spending 27 years in prison for the murder of a pregnant woman in Hartford, CT, in 1986. Thibault describes the prosecutor in the case, James Thomas, as having”cravenly stepped on Foreshaw to advance his career” after he covered up the arrest record of a key witness in the state who received a 90 day sentence for assaulting a police officer after testifying against Foreshaw at trial.

Thibault holds nothing back in his derision for the lack of accountability in Connecticut:

“Historically, Connecticut’s worst prosecutors tend to crush the weak and bow down to the powerful. This anti-democratic, anti-American urge is systemic in Connecticut. It is the result of negligence or worse by timid or incompetent or corrupt judges, their brethren politicians and phony oversight entities including the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, the Statewide Grievance Committee, the Judicial Review Council and the Criminal Justice Commission. These interlocking directorates of pals and allies all too often play footsie with each other rather than acting in the public interest.”

Read the opinion editorial here.

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