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It’s no surprise that Michael Vecchione, the assistant District Attorney who heads up the Brooklyn DA’s office’s rackets division and who has been at the center of the controversy around wrongful convictions in recent years, has announced his retirement in advance of DA-elect Ken Thompson’s transition into the office.

Vecchione will give up his 20+ year career working under DA Charles Hynes in early December, according to a report by the New York Times:

“Mr. Vecchione started at the office under Mr. Hynes as a deputy chief of the homicide bureau in 1992, and later served as chief of the bureau and the trial division before taking over the rackets bureau. Throughout his time at the office, he served as a kind of right-hand man to Mr. Hynes, overseeing — and winning — many high-profile cases. Mr. Hynes will step down when his term ends on Dec. 31. Kenneth J. Thompson, who defeated Mr. Hynes by wide margins in the Democratic primary and then the general election, has repeatedly called on Mr. Hynes to fire Mr. Vecchione.”

Read the full story by Vivian Yee here.

Vecchione was recently deposed in the lawsuit being brought by Jabbar Collins for his wrongful conviction for murder. Collins is suing Hynes and the Brooklyn DA’s office for $150 million for the 16 years he was incarcerated. Though Vecchione escaped the lawsuit due to his having absolute immunity, he did not escape criticism from the judge overseeing the case.

Thompson had already signaled that he would fire Vecchione if he won office.


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