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Yesterday, Ryan Ferguson was freed from prison after the Missouri Attorney General’s office dismissed the case against him, electing not to retry Ferguson after a state appeals court vacated his murder conviction on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.

Ferguson spent nearly 10 years of a 40 year sentence in jail for robbery and murder after a witness placed him at the scene of the beating death of a newspaper editor in Columbia, MO. However, Ferguson’s attorneys never saw the notes from a state investigator’s interview with that witness’s wife, which undermined his testimony at trial. Prosecutors failed to disclose the interview, leading to a reversal of Ferguson’s already shaky conviction.

The state decided not to appeal the Missouri Court of Appeals’ ruling or take Ferguson back to court on the murder charge. He was released last night from the Boone County jail and was received by a crowd of supporters at a news conference shortly afterward.

See interview with Ferguson on CBS News.

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