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Reginald Griffin will not go back to trial for the 1983 murder of an inmate in Moberly Correctional Center, MO. His original conviction was reversed because the state failed to disclose exculpatory evidence that suggested another inmate was actually responsible for the crime.

When we reported on Griffin’s case earlier this month, the Missouri Attorney General’s office was planning to take him to trial in the coming months. However, ABC 17 reports that county prosecutors dismissed the charges against Griffin late last week because witnesses they need are either deceased or refusing to testify.

What the news article doesn’t explain is that one of the state’s two key witnesses recanted his testimony in 2005 and again in a taped recording in 2006, telling the AG’s office that his trial testimony had been coerced and coached.  The AG’s office never turned the 2006 interview over to Griffin’s attorneys, and indeed argued in court that it was a false recantation.

Griffin’s original conviction was vacated by the Missouri Supreme Court, which found that the state had failed to turn over evidence that supported Griffin’s theory at trial that an alternate suspect was responsible for the murder.

Read our previous post, which details the AG office’s alleged misconduct in the case, here.

The Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney has confirmed that the case is now closed.

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