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Check out this new video by Naomi Martin of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. In it, Emily Maw of the Innocence Project New Orleans talks about two cases from the 1990s that landed back in court last week. According to Emily Maw, in those cases, new evidence has emerged that the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office – at the time, led by notorious DA Harry Connick – failed to disclose evidence to the defense that tends to suggest the defendants may be innocent. If Maw’s allegations prove true, these would be two more of a whole raft of cases in which the Connick-era DA’s office was found to have violated the Constitution of the United States and convicted innocent people.

A link to the video is HERE.

A link to the the Open File’s page about prosecutorial misconduct in New Orleans can be found HERE.

Naomi Martin’s excellent article about the above-mentioned cases unpacks the evidence in more detail and provides context for the Brady violations that may now lead to overturned convictions. Read the article here.

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