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Today, Brooklynites will go to the polls to vote for their next District Attorney. Incumbent DA Charles Hynes is being challenged by attorney Kenneth Thompson, and we have been following coverage of the race on our Brooklyn page:


Hynes, who is in his sixth term as DA, has come under scrutiny due to a series of wrongful convictions and evidence of prosecutorial misconduct out of his office. One of the victims of these wrongful convictions, Jabbar Collins, is suing the Brooklyn DA’s office for committing prosecutorial misconduct in his case. We have been following developments in the case here.

In his bid to unseat the incumbent DA of Kings County for the first time in over a century, Thompson argues that Hynes’s political gamesmanship and unethical practices call for a new day in the Brooklyn DA’s office.

We will cover the outcome of the Democratic Primary after voting finishes later today.

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