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The Village Voice reports that Ronald Bozeman, 66, is suing the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office for $16 million following his wrongful convictions for robbery and kidnapping, which were thrown out earlier this year.

He joins Jabbar Collins in asking embattled District Attorney Charles Hynes for remuneration for his ordeal at the hands of the state.

Bozeman was arrested in late 2011 for robbery and kidnapping after two men told police they were robbed outside a bank in Brooklyn by two armed assailants who got away with $9,000.

Following his arrest, Bozeman was made to participate in a line-up of people who looked nothing like him, from which the victims identified him as one of the two robbers. Contrary to proper practice, the witnesses were allowed to have contact during the line-up and one of the witnesses apparently told the other who to pick out and identify.

The Village Voice reports that at the grand jury hearings in the case, the state told the jury that both Bozeman and his co-defendant was the robber sitting in the front seat of the car–“a fact that should have gotten the case dismissed.”

Bozeman’s attorneys allege numerous Brady violations – the failure to disclose exculpatory evidence – including information about alternate suspects, as well as other misconduct on the part of the prosecutors handling the case.

Bozeman spent a year in jail before lawyers working on his case were able to get access to the Brady material and bring it before a judge. Bozeman is suing the New York Police Department and Hynes’s office for “generating false evidence and ignoring evidence of his innocence.”

Despite Hynes’ creation of a Conviction Integrity Unit and assurances to the public, his office remains under scrutiny following repeated finding of misconduct and wrongful convictions.


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