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National nonprofit Blind Justice is launching a television campaign to raise awareness about prosecutorial misconduct in New York. Airing on multiple networks throughout Manhattan, Blind Justice’s advertisements will tell the stories of people wrongfully convicted by the state of New York due to the failure of prosecutors to fulfill their ethical obligations.

According to a press release from Blind Justice reported in Financial Content, the ads are designed to raise awareness about the latitude given to prosecutors without adequate mechanisms to hold them to account. Executive Director of Blind Justice Torin Kelly says the goal of the ads is to prevent future wrongful convictions:

Every government official needs oversight, especially those powerful enough to put an innocent man behind bars. The Manhattan district attorney can no longer turn a blind eye to the pattern of prosecutor misconduct in New York City courts. Prosecutors that are powerful enough to send an innocent man to prison for life must be held accountable.

The news release further explains that the campaign in the Manhattan area follows the organization’s national launch last month that included television ads calling for prosecutor accountability in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Houston, Texas.

The advertisements in Manhattan will begin airing today, including a 10-second feature ad on the CBS Super Screen in Times Square that will run 18 times a day through the end of September.


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