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In a recent blog post, The Nation discussed the recent developments in a drawn-out case from Tennessee involving the wrongful conviction of Timothy McKinney for the murder of a Memphis police officer. The story was covered in detail in an earlier piece by Liliana Segura of The Nation, at which time McKinney was about to go to trial for a third time; his previous convictions overturned on account of prosecutorial misconduct.

On May 22, The Nation reported:

After a third trial and a hung jury, McKinney was finally offered a plea deal:  plead guilty to second-degree murder and be released with time served. McKinney  plead guilty to a crime he never committed and will be set free as early as  today.

Segura’s piece focused on Memphis prosecutors like Assistant District Attorney Jerry Harris who deliberately withheld evidence in McKinney’s case in order to win the conviction. You can read our earlier post about it here.

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