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The Times-Daily reports that the  Lawrence County District Attorney Erek Jett and  Assistant District Attorney Bob Lang were sanctioned by trial court Judge Lee Carter during a recent Alabama murder trial for failing to disclose a statement obtained by the county sheriff’s office.

The statement was given by another person of interest in the murder case.

Jett told Carter he knew about the statement and had discussed it with investigators, but did not receive a written copy. Lawrence County investigator Capt. Tim McWhorter testified Thursday that he sent a copy to Jett’s office.

The murder trial was expected to go to a penalty phase upon conviction since prosecutors were seeking the death penalty against the defendant, Charles Moore. However, in sanctioning Jett and Lang, Judge Carter ruled that the state would not be allowed to introduce any additional evidence in the sentencing phase.

Prosecutors chose instead to allow Moore to plea to life-without-parole upon his conviction, though they attributed the plea deal to the wishes of the victims’ family, who did not want to see Moore executed.

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