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In a piece for ProPublica, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Raymond Bonner compares the outcome of the Morton case, in which former District Attorney Ken Anderson was subjected to a Texas Court of Inquiry and subsequently arrested for withholding evidence, and the outcome of the South Carolina case of Edward Lee Elmore, the subject of his recent book, “Anatomy of Justice” (2012).

Bonner notes that eighteen months after Elmore’s release from prison (where he served 30 years for a murder that he did not commit), the prosecutors who withheld critical evidence in his case and allowed police to commit perjury on the stand have suffered no reprimand of any kind.

Read Mr. Bonner’s piece here.

Bonner also points to the recent ProPublica study of prosecutorial misconduct in New York, a study by the Northern California Innocence Project and Santa Clara University School of Law into the sanctioning (or lack thereof) of prosecutorial misconduct in California and the growing number of wrongful conviction cases out of Virginia (profiled by The Open File) to highlight how very unique the Anderson case is.


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