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Reuters reports that Jabbar Collins’ federal lawsuit against the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office will not proceed to trial until the fall. Last Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Frederic Block decided to delay the trial to allow “sufficient time to conduct remaining discovery and file further motions,” according to a New York City Law Department spokesperson.

Jabbar Collins was found guilty in 1995 of shooting his landlord, Rabbi Abraham Pollack, and spent 16 years in prison until his release in 2010. A federal judge found evidence that the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office had relied on false testimony and coerced witnesses to win a conviction against Collins. The Open File reported last month that Judge Block ruled that the civil lawsuit Collins launched against District Attorney Hynes and his office would be allowed to proceed, even though the prosecutor responsible for the alleged misconduct was removed from the suit because he has absolute prosecutorial immunity.

The case was expected to go to trial on April 8 – just months before the Democratic primary in which Hynes is running against two challengers. Reuters reporter Jessica Dye suggests the breathing room allowed by the delay in the Collins case “could be a boon for Hynes in a case that has been a steady source of negative publicity for the DA’s office.”

The Open File is following this case and will continue to provide updates.


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