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The Wrongful Convictions Blog has been following the case of Michael Hash, a fifteen-year-old convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole in Virginia. Hash, who spent 12 years in prison before a U.S. District Court judge found that he had been wrongfully convicted and released him, has filed a lawsuit against the former Culpeper County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Close, three Sheriff’s investigators, a jailer and an informant who he alleges engaged in misconduct to help secure his conviction.

The blog author, Nancy Petro, comments about the harm of misconduct:

The alleged misconduct in this case will likely be aired in the lawsuit, and a judge or jury will be challenged to put a price on the damage to Michael Hash. As in all wrongful convictions, the rippling impact of damages in the lives of the Hash family, the Scroggins family, and potential victims of a killer who remains unidentified are difficult to estimate.

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